July Wrap Up 2021

Hi guys! I can't believe July is already over. I hope you have all had a good month. I think mine has been good overall, it's felt quite drawn out for me personally. I always say these are some of my favourite posts to write because there is something so rewarding about seeing all you … Continue reading July Wrap Up 2021


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Eager Definition: strongly wanting to do or have something Where I Heard It: It's a very common word so it's said a lot but I just read it this morning and I realized how nice of a word it is to say. Pronunciation: Eeeh-gehrr As always, Stay safe guys!


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Cabaret Definition: entertainment held in a nightclub or restaurant while the audience eat or drink at tables. Where I Heard It: I'm a fan of the musical, and I am also adore the 1920's/30's Jazz Club/Cabaret style. Plus the word just has such a nice ring to it when you … Continue reading Cabaret