Wednesday's Word of the Week: Argosies Meaning: A small group of ships Examples: Fleet Where I Heard It: This was another classic word of the day from my thesaurus app. Pronunciation: Are- go-seas



Wednesday's Word of the Week: Crustaceans Meaning: A type of animal found in the sea Examples: Lobster, Crab, Muscles, Shellfish Where I Heard It: I don't know, it's a relatively common word? I picked it because it is so much fun to say XD. Pronunciation: Crust-a-sh-i-o-n


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Edict Meaning: Law Examples: Ruling, decision, decree Where I Heard It: I started reading P.s I Like You by Kasie West and while reading that the main character Lily corrects her teacher's word choice in her head commenting on how nice the word was saying "It was a good word. Not used enough." … Continue reading Edict


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Scoriae Meaning: Debris Examples: Rubble or Scree Where I Heard It: I can't actually remember because for once it was not my thesaurus app 😂 Pronunciation: score-eee-eye