The Liebster Award

Hi Everybody!7

How has your day been? Mine has been very chill, I spent the whole day playing Stardew Valley with my brother and now our farm is great! On another more blog related note, the very lovely Chloe Osborn from Writing the Blues Away has nominated me for The Liebster Award. I just want to say thank you so much because I am never nominated for things like this so a huge THANK YOU!! If you haven’t you need to go and check out her blog because it is very inspirational and insightful and I just love it! Thanks again. ❤ But enough obsessive praising, let’s hop in.

The Liebster Award Rules

  1. Thank the nominator and link to their blog
  2. Answer the 11 questions they asked
  3. Come up with 11 new questions
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award

Questions From My Nominator

  1. Do you prefer sweet or savoury snacks? This is tough because I just love to snack XD I’m going to have to go with savoury because of Crisps, Nachos and apples. They are my current go to’s.
  2. What would your dream house be like? I actually wanted to be an architect for most of my childhood so I have thought about this in great detail, but to spare you the 32 page document of planning I did, I will give you it in a Nutshell: It would be Gothic in style, with plenty of the iconic arches. I would want a multitude of different types of windows. I want all of the unnecessary wooden trims and accents. High, ribbed vault ceilings and LOADS of different shaped roofs. A wrap around porch space. Wooden panelling would be ideal, but that is something I would compromise. I would also love a bay window so I could put a seat in it like in Girl Meets World. Here are some examples:

3.If you could only choose to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be? This is so tough also because I adore music of so many types and have quite and eclectic taste. Despite currently going through a major Panic! At the Disco phase right now, I am going to say Taylor Swift’s platinum edition album of Fearless. I will never ever ever tire of hearing these songs. They never fail to lighten my mood and get me up and singing.

4. What is the first film you remember seeing at the cinema? Although I definitely went to the cinema before this the first thing I remember was The Golden Compass, I went to see it with my dad when it came out in 2007. So I was 7. I remember it so vividly because it was a late showing and it was just me and my dad, and an old couple in the entire cinema! It made it feel even more magical and special for some reason. Like it was only for us!

5. What Hogwarts house do you belong to? I have taken the test so many times in my life and I have always either been Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I think the younger I was I was more like a Ravenclaw and then as I have gotten older I have matured into a Slytherin. I still tend to identify as 70% Slytherin and 30% Ravenclaw.

6. If you could go to any concert you liked, who would you see? (Living or dead) As I said, I adore so many types of music that this is very hard. But because this is giving me the opportunity to see anyone who has died live, I feel like I can’t not pick that, as there is still a chance for me to see those who still live live. If that makes sense. So I am going to pick Queen. No-one ever says Queen is bad. Everyone loves Queen and it is one of the first memories of music I have.

7. Do you have any hidden talents? Not that I know of? If I have one, it is still hidden to me too XD What is even considered a hidden talent anyway?

8. What item could you not live without? I presume this doesn’t mean air, food, water and shelter. So, besides those things I would say my laptop, or a pad and pencil. Anything that would allow me to write. I think i might go crazy if I didn’t have a way to channel all the bizarre thoughts of inspiration I have.

9. What is your favourite animal? Easy. Horses. I have always adored horses. They are so majestic and loyal, yet powerful and strong-willed.

10. Have you ever broken a bone? I have broken my collarbone when I was 12 during a Jazz dance class. I have also fractured my wrist falling down some stairs. I would say I am pretty clumsy so I am surprised I have not broken more. Touch wood XD.

11. What is your dream holiday destination? Currently America is at the top of my list because I want to visit a friend. And I also want to go and see as many musicals as I can. However, those things are on opposite sides of America, so I better get saving. After that, Canada and Japan are next on the list.

Questions For My Nominees

  1. If you were a cocktail which one would you be?
  2. What is your first memory?
  3. Marvel, DC or neither (because no-one ever adds that option)
  4. Do you have a type? If so what is it and how did you realise that was your type?
  5. What is one food you can’t stand?
  6. Biggest Pet Peeve?
  7. Do you put the cereal or the milk in first?
  8. If you were a serial killer, what would be you MO?
  9. What is your favourite genre of music and why?
  10. What is your favourite flavour of Pringles?
  11. If you could be any mythical/supernatural being what would you be?

My Nominees

I love all of the blogs I have linked below. You should 100% check them out. I am sorry if you have already been tagged. I did try to find people who hadn’t been, I swear XD I hope you enjoy.

  1. Reader and Proud
  2. A Reading Brit
  3. Tiffany’s Book Blog
  4. Jen D Bibliophile
  5. Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub
  6. Misty’s Book Space
  7. Reviews from the Stacks
  8. The Book Corps
  9. Miss Honeybug’s Reads and Crafts
  10. Kalina Reads
  11. Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Just to say another thank you to Chloe for nominating me. I hope I did your questions justice. I had such a great time thinking of my own questions and answering yours. I hope you guys enjoyed and I will be back tomorrow ❤

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