Character Profile: Léonor


Last week I asked what kind of things you guys want to see and it was either this or a Let’s Get Chatting… post. So I chose this cause I’ve not done one of these in a while. One of my best friends (Anna) told me I should do one on Léonor from the Phobos Series by Victor Dixen, so here it is! I have reviewed both the first (Ascension) and second (Distortion) books in this series so if you want a more general overview you should check them out. But if you want to get up close details on the protagonist, then just keep reading.

Name: Léonor
Nicknames: Léo, Red Giant, The Certainty Machine, Leo-the-red, The leopard, The Salamander,
Age: 18

Appearance: Her hair is bright red, pale skin and freckles. Her eyes are green. She has a burn on the right side of her back spanning from her shoulder to her waist. She is French.
Personality: I would say she is pretty stubborn, determined, hopeful, untrusting, and very feisty.
Other: She is the female medic for the mars mission. She is sponsored by Rosier & Merceaugnac who are a cosmetics and fashion brand.

Celebrity Look-alike (In my mind): Sophie Turner (Aka Sansa from Game of Thrones)
Why I Love Her: I love her because she sticks to her guns and morals no matter what is thrown at her. She’s so feisty and you never quite know what she will do next. Plus her self-consciousness is really relatable and humanising. She is just great!

So that’s my summary of Leonor, she’s one of my favourite characters in the series and now I am all in the mood for the final in the series to come out. I am also pretty sure I accidentally spoiled it for myself with an accidental google but I am going to read it anyway because I have loved the first two in this series and I don’t want it to end yet! See you tomorrow 🙂

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