My Top 5 Bullet Journal Spreads of 2020

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday, how has your day been going so far? I love this limbo period between Christmas and New Years! The days feel endless and they are filled with TV and Family and Food and just greatness!
I literally just changed my entire posting schedule today because I decided I wanted to do this post after doing my Top Reads post the other day and it inspired me. This was my first ever year bullet journalling and I started sharing my journey with it with you all in March and the response was overwhelming and lovely and it quickly became not only one of my favourite hobbies but also some of my favourite posts to write on my blog. I thought being that it was the end of the year it would be really fun to look back over all my themes and pick my favourite spreads of 2020 and show you.
It was actually quick tough to decide because I did 24 different themes, so narrowing it down to 5 was a task but I think I managed. It is so rewarding to see how far I came with it because believe me the earlier ones were very very very bad haha! The ones I do now are far better but still nowhere near perfect. Anyway, enough rambling from me – let me show you the rundown!

5. November Blogging Bu-Jo Spread

It took me a while to realise that I like more simplistic colour combinations and simple spreads to let the function speak out over the aesthetics but I think this walks the line perfectly between the two and I just love the colour and I was super proud with the writing of the titles.

4. October Blogging Bu-Jo Spread

I like this spread again for it’s simplicity in colour and design but also for the writing. I have never been prouder of the calligraphy I have done ever! Even if I hated the rest of the theme (which I don’t) but if I did then it would still be on this list just down to how proud I am of the way I have written October.

3. May Personal Bu-Jo Spread

I like this one because of the small details. I spent so much time on this spread in comparison to usual and I think it was time well spent because it came out well in my opinion. It’s cute and summery and again simple but sweet.

2. July Blogging Bu-Jo Spread

I love this spread because I think it perfectly fits the month of July but I was also very proud of the writing and the way 2020 was in the loop of the y. The simplicity of it works so well. It was the quickest spread I have ever done and it came out very well despite that which makes me want to try quicker spreads in the new year because this shows they work well.

1. June Personal Bu-Jo Spread

My favourite spread of 2020 is this citrus fruits one from my personal bullet journal. This is my top one of the year because it was my most ambitious spread I think and it came put exactly how I wanted it to and it was really what cemented my love for bullet journalling. It’s when it changed from something I had to do, to something I wanted to do. I don’t know how else to say that I love this one the best haha. Its certainly not perfect but it’s perfect to me.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy this, I love looking back at my spreads and I hope this inspires me for January’s themes because I currently have no idea what to do for them so any suggestions would be great thanks. Have a great day, and I will see you tomorrow for my December Wrap-Up.

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            1. That definitely counts. That’s how it started out for me and I only really got into making this aesthetic about 4 months ago. Function over fashion is still most important though I think haha

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