Prediction Book Tag 2021

Hi guys!

Happy Friday. I usually say that to hype myself up for the weekend but since being back in lockdown everyday feels like a weekend haha. I hope to do some baking to mix it up. I’m thinking either Key Lime Pie or Macaroons. What do you think I should make?

I’ve wanted to this tag far ages now but I decided to put it off until the start of the year so it sort of lined up with predictions for the year if that makes sense. I found the tag on Books Teacup Reviews. But I have actually done this tag before but it was ages ago and I forgotten I had even done it (I’ll link it HERE if you’re interested). I wasn’t tagged to do this but I’m going to do it anyway haha.

The rules for the Prediction Book Tag:

~ Pingback to the creator, the amazing Mandy & Sha @ Book Princess Reviews!
~ Tag the person who tagged you
~ Find an answer to match each prompt.
~ Most importantly: have fun!

Prediction for my Next Read

I am currently reading Late Love by Scarlett Hopper but I feel like that is cheating since I’ve already started it. But I think my next read will probably be In the Penalty Box by Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blout because I am really excited to get to it.

Prediction for my Next 5-Star Read

I think it’s going to be Murder Notes by Lisa Renee Jones. I recently got the first 3 in this series from Netgalley and it sounds exactly like my kind of thing – murder, mystery, romance. It gets some good reviews so I have high hopes.

Prediction for my Next 1-Star Read

I also don’t know why anyone would read a book if they knew it wasn’t going to be for them. However, if I have to pick a book that might not be my favourite read is The Billionaire’s Christmas Son by Leslie North. I also got this on Netgalley because I really like Leslie North books and because I had enjoyed the first in the series without really reading the blurb but now it’s not exactly top of my To Read list, especially now that we’ve past Christmas but also children/pregnancy aren’t my favourite book trope. I really hope I am wrong and that I actually enjoy it more than anticipated.

Prediction for my Next Love Interest/Cool Character

This is so hard to choose because I basically fall in love with every Book Boy I read so it’s most likely going to be Brodie from In the Penalty Box but for the sake of answering different books I am going to go with the Darkling from Shadow and Bone because I only hear good things about this sexy “Bad Guy” so I hope these rumours are right.

Prediction for my Next Book Buy

I think this will probably be The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh. This has been in my Amazon Basket for months and I got some money for Christmas so I will probably use that to buy it. It might also be the books for my Uni course but that’s a boring answer so we’re going to pretend they don’t exist haha.

Prediction for my Next Book to Give me a Hangover

I’ve not had a book hangover in maybe 3 months, so it takes a decent amount for a book to kick my ass. But if I had to guess which book would do that then I would possible guess Slide by T. Gephart. I recently got a great Amazon deal on the entire series – getting the 3 Book series on Kindle for £1.77 which is incredible. But it’s a rock god romance and I always enjoy them so it’s likely that this would be a fast fave.

So that’s all for this predictions post. I’ll probably do this again in a few months to see if my predictions were right and to make some more. I hope you enjoyed this. If you want to do this please do, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED. Have a great weekend and I will see you next week!

13 thoughts on “Prediction Book Tag 2021

  1. I love both Key Lime Pie and macaroons, so I’d say either is a good option! And nooo – don’t fall for the Darkling! 😁 He’s seriously evil! Just wait until Nikolai comes along, he’s much more suitable 😉

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