Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Boomslang

Definition: A boomslang is a large, venomous snake found in Africa. Its name means “tree snake” in Dutch and Afrikaans.

Where I Heard It: I asked my dad for a word for today since I was running low on ideas – he said Slippery Boomslang, which is an amazing phrase that could easily be a substitute for many swears haha.

Pronunciation: Boo-mmh-sll-ah-ng

Stay safe guys!!

6 thoughts on “Boomslang

    1. A boom (pron bohm) is a tree and a snake is a slang (pron slung) just like the San (of the Kalahari) is pron “sun” and not to rhyme with sand.

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        1. The language is Afrikaans, I say that for the benefit of every reader passing through and it happens to be my mother tongue. I would have loved such a course as also I love to know how words had originated.

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