Top 5 books that I was reccomended

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How’s your weekend going? Mine is the average level of school stress so I am surprisingly chill for once. I thought today I would do a post about the top 5 favourite books that I was recommended to read and loved.
1. The Lake Series by Annalisa Grant

Cara recommended this to me back in 2016 and it was the series that set off my reading spree that ultimately I have not been able to shake and lead to the creation of this blog so thank you to Cara and thank you to Annalisa for writing a series that stole my heart and hasn’t let it go. If you are interested in a contemporary romance with a whole lot of heart and emotional rollercoasters then this is right up your street.
2. The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorenson

This was another Cara recommendation, I think Cara just has great book tastes. If you like YA Urban Fantasy Romances that are full of dramatics and great characters then this one if for you.
3. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

My English teacher recommended this series and I am so glad I listened. It is a hilarious Adult Urban Fantasy about a wizard living in Chicago and working as a P.I – sides-splitting seriously. The perfect blend of characterisation, humour and setting.
4.Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

This was recommended – not personally – by MoonstoneBooks and I loved her description I had to grab it. I totally loved this, it was such a cute romance but with a great character development to it too.
5. Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

Anna and I did a book exchange last year where I gave her the first book in the falling fast series and she lent me this. It was incredible!!! I fell in love with the plot of this and totally recommend this YA Contemporary Romance if you like books with an intense plot and snazzy characters.

That’s it guys – it goes without saying that I recommend all of these and I say a great thanks to all the people that made me cut my TBR cue and read these because it totally paid off XD

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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