4 Year Blogiversary

Hi Guys!
I mean the title says it all – today is the 4 year anniversary of my blog! I cannot believe it’s been four years. That makes me feel so old! Thank you all, to those who have been around since the start, to those who followed me this week, this month and to everyone in between. I cannot thank you enough for your support! Like I have said for the last 3 years, I started this on a whim for the summer holidays before my final year of high school. So to still be writing about all my bookish things as I am about to go into my final year of university just seems insane!
It maybe be cliche but it’s so true. I’d love to say that it doesn’t matter but having you guys interact and chat books with me is really what keeps me motivated to continue writing 4 posts a week. I’ve hit some incredible goals in the last year, like 1000 WordPress followers at the end of 2020 and 1500 just two weeks ago, as well as 500 blog posts. I’ve also been sticking to a great schedule, swapping between 5 and 4 posts a week depending on my workload that month but I’ve been consistent with which ever schedule I chose for that month which I am super proud of. I’ve not my schedule in broken in 17 months, which is nearly a year and a half which blows my mind. It was tough at first but so rewarding to see the growth and support from you guys.
The other big thing that my blog lead me to start was an Instagram/Bookstagram account and I could not be more grateful for that. I have made the most amazing friends that I know will be besties for a lifetime because of that community and I cannot put how grateful I am into words. I also hit an amazing milestone of 1000 followers on that in June which was just incredible so a big thanks for that too!

I know I say this every year, but in case you are one of the lovely new people to stumble across my little corner of the internet (Hi btw! Drop a message if you want to chat <3) I started my blog because I had been a bored summer holiday and had read all the books I had with me. I felt bad for constantly ranting about books to my friends because they were probably sick of it (they say they weren’t but I felt bad nonetheless).
I had been reading a lot of blog posts over the summer and watching a lot of booktube, but I felt more comfortable with typing my thoughts rather than videoing them when I decided I wanted to start putting my bookish rambles out into the interweb. My first post was named Hi There! which is very apt as I still start most of my posts this way. It was a very short post that mainly just linked to my other pages, not very interesting – and luckily not that embarrassing either haha. My first (proper) post was called My First Weekly Post. Needless to say, weekly round up posts did not stay a thing for long because I did not read enough back then to maintain having enough to talk about for that.


Here is my views for every month that I have ever blogged. As you can see, March was always a good month for me because I always tried to post daily even before I started my consistent schedule. And you can see how much growth I gained from starting my new schedule. The recent dip, despite keeping consistent I think may be down to me no longer paying for a premium WordPress plan? I’m pretty sure that if you are on a paying plan your posts get boosted up the recommended – I decided in March to not renew my plan and return to the free one because I hadn’t seen as much of a benefit as I first thought. Either way, the engagement I have been getting has been awesome and I love seeing how my little corner of the internet has grown.

Here are my yearly stats. Again, 2020 and 2021 has a massive jump compared to my other years. I think I am on course for an ever better year than last since we are only mid-way through 2021 at the moment. So thank you for that you guys ❤

Total posts: 588
Total Comments: 3,204
Avg. Total Comments: 5.8
Total Likes: 13,717
Avg. Total Likes: 23.36
Total Words: 514,065 (that is a crazy number of words that I’ve written)
Avg. Total Words: 923

My Favourite Posts:

Same as last year, I love doing my wrap-ups because they always make me feel productive and it’s great to see what I accomplished each month.
And recently I have been really enjoying my new style of reviews. Much shorter and sweeter but still hopefully covering all the bases. I used to find myself dreading getting a review written because it would take so long and be so much effort. Now I get excited to share my thoughts so that was a big change that I’ve loved this year.

My favourite post that I have done in the last 4 years is still the same one I chose last year which is My Tips for New Bloggers. I spent a lot of time researching and asking people for their advice for it because I wanted to do it justice. The feedback and interaction on that post was just phenomenal. Plus, it was a great way too meet so many new and great bloggers. I love that people still contact me on it now to thank me and it just makes me feel amazing knowing I can be a help. My Blogging Glossary is along the similar vein and I am super proud of that too, for the same reasons because I love knowing that post is helping people. I don’t post something unless I am happy with it – but these two especially just feel extra rewarding.

Thank you so much for reading. Like I said at the start, I know it’s cringey but without you guys I wouldn’t have stuck around for so long so thank you so much for your ability to put up with my rambles. I hope you stick around for the next year too! I hope you have a great day and I will see you with an review post on Sunday ❤

27 thoughts on “4 Year Blogiversary

  1. Congratulations! You are such a sweet and thoughtful person and it always shines through in your posts. I’ll always have a spot in my heart for your blog because of your warm and encouraging reviews. Thanks for all you do!

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  2. Happy blogiversary and congratulations, Maisy!! 🥳 Four years is definitely an accomplishment! Also, seeing all those stats is just so satisfying somehow 😄 My inner nerd always gets way too excited around any types of numbers, so I love that you included them!
    And I still stand by the fact that your Blogging Glossary was absolutely genius 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤❤ i love stats, im such a nerd for them. They are so interesting to me!
      😂😂 thanks, i still go back and refer to the glossary myself! Im glad i can clakm genius on it hahah

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